training objectives

We provide training and follow-up support on implementing the Decision Points program in host agencies involved in corrections for youth or adult populations. We train host agency staff to deliver Decision Points to groups of six to eight youth or adults. Our follow-up support promotes skill development and treatment fidelity. 

​Our Decision Points training requires 20 contact hours and is delivered in-person at a host agency location over 2½ consecutive days with two 8-hour days followed by one 4-hour half day.

The Decision Points program is designed to be delivered by two-person teams, and these teams should attend our training together.

We recommend a ratio of one trainer for nine host agency staff trainees. An optimal configuration is two trainers with up to 18 trainees. A group of up to 27 trainees can be accommodated and requires 3 trainers. ​

​Decision points training prepares host agency staff to:

  • Apply the “Strategy of Choices” with Decision Points group members.
  • Conduct initial interviews with potential group members to determine readiness to participate in the program.
  • Demonstrate each of the four steps of the Decision Points process.
  • Manage a group of 6-8 through the five Decision Points lessons.
  • Apply appropriate real life examples and meaningful tasks to sustain group members’ motivation throughout the program.
  • Maintain records of group members’ progress during the program. ​

We plan Decision Points training in collaboration with the host agency and deliver training at a site provided by the host agency. The host agency selects staff to receive training and provides:

  • ​​A point of contact for delivery of training materials.​
  • A local host to assist facilitators with any logistical needs during the training.
  • Audio visual equipment, including: a projector and screen in the main training room and each breakout room, easel stands and large flip chart pads for the main room and each breakout room.
  • Access to copier or duplication services for last minute or unexpected copy needs.
  • Additional training supplies including but not limited to: multicolor markers, masking tape, stapler, scissors, writing pads, pens, 3-hole punch and table tents (participant names).



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